Miriam E. Zellnik
Portland, OR

Portland, OR
Senior Technical Writer:

Write and edit technical documentation for a variety of academic scheduling and application software. Also write marketing and press materials.

Operating Systems and Software: Windows XP Pro, FrameMaker 7.1, MS Word, Adobe Acrobat Distiller, Visio, Confluence wiki, PaintShop Pro, Cooktop (XML editor), Homesite (HTML editor)

Network Associates Technology
Beaverton OR
Senior Technical Writer:

Documented anti-virus software for a variety of platforms, including web-based services and wireless handheld device products. Projects included:

  • Product Guide, Getting Started Guide, and a compiled help file (CHM) for the ASaP managed service
  • Single-sourcing manuals and built-in help
  • Writing built-in help in HTML to be displayed on the PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)
  • Providing usability recommendations to the server team, greatly enhancing customer satisfaction with ASaP's reporting features
  • Leading a 6-person Human Interface Technology (HIT) team to design the 2.0 version of the PDA product, incorporating new features and refining the interface based on user feedback
Operating Systems and Software: Windows 2000 and XP, FrameMaker 6.0, MS Office suite, Adobe Acrobat Distiller, Visio, Quadralay Webworks Professional Edition version 7.0.5, Source Safe, SnagIt Studio 6, ClearQuest, Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 and 2003.
Conducive Technology
Portland, OR
(formerly Datalex)
Senior Technical Writer:

Documented airline middleware for an audience of developers. Subjects documented include: CORBA, XML, database schemas, and system administration of complex airline reservation websites. Projects included:

  • Developer's Reference, a high level programming reference of several hundred pages
  • System Administrator's Guide
  • Built first Portland office intranet site, manually writing the HTML
  • Helped create a Datalex corporate FrameMaker template for global use
  • Helped create a Quadralay Webworks custom template that matched the Frame template, so that we could single source documents for print and web
  • Created robust websites with Quadralay Webworks
  • Created internal training materials
Operating Systems and Software: Windows NT 4.0, FrameMaker 6.0, MS Word 2000, Adobe Acrobat Distiller, Visio, Quadralay Webworks Professional Edition, XML Spy, Source Safe/Source Offsite (version control software), HyperSnap DX.
(on a contract basis)
Intel Corporation
Hillsboro, OR
Technical Publications Writer:

Worked with a small engineering group at Intel Corporation. Responsible for planning and creating all the group's technical documentation, for both internal and external use, including:

  • Software Development Toolkit Manuals -- Wrote high-level technical documentation that is delivered to end-users (programmers and software developers)
  • APIs (Created from C header files)
  • White Papers -- Rewrote, edited, and formatted the technical information received from the engineers into white papers.
  • Marketing -- Created marketing material, working closely with the Mar/Com manager in the group.
  • Intranet Web Pages -- Created "from scratch" an intranet site for the group, which entailed the following: set up an NT web server, wrote all the HTML and ASP files needed, and set up a password-protected area within the site. Ongoing tasks: posted new updates frequently to organize and maintain the site as a useful and growing internal resource.
  • Internet Web pages -- Wrote content for our public-presence pages (for the intel.com and support.intel.com websites). In doing so, I worked with both Intel Marketing and external agencies.

Operating Systems and Software: Windows NT 4.0 (both desktop and server), Microsoft Site Server 3.0, Microsoft Internet Information Server, UNAC User Management package, Lyris Mailing List Server (server side add-on), MS Word and all MS Office software (including Outlook scheduler), Adobe Acrobat Distiller, Visio.

One World Internetworking

Portland, OR
Documentation Coordinator / Technical Support Manager (promoted to Manager from Support Technician position in 5/98):
  • Wrote and edited documentation for several large projects, including Cognita Virtual Server and InfoMotion software release. These were manuals of over 50 pages each, written in MS Word and published with Pagemaker 6.5.
  • Coordinated and HTML-coded the company Intranet, maintaining Tech Support site on the internal web.
  • Managed a technical support department of 3 full time employees.
  • Provided phone and e-mail support for Internet connectivity with Windows, Windows95 and Macintosh, as well as support for virtual server customers.
  • Added and deleted new accounts, both in UNIX and using webbed accounting tools.

Operating Systems and Software: UNIX (Solaris and FreeBSD), Windows95 and Windows98, MS Word and all MS Office software, Framemaker, Visio, PageMaker 6.5.

Teleport Internet Services

Portland, OR
Technical Support Specialist / Staff Trainer:
  • Designed a training program, wrote training materials and created a comprehensive manual.
  • Responsible for training new staff in the technical support department.
  • Was part of a documentation team that wrote new help files and revised older ones.
  • Duties included phone and e-mail support for internet connectivity with Windows 3.x, Windows95, Macintosh and dialup, using support tools in UNIX.
  • Wrote help files for the web using HTML coding.
  • Was promoted from Support Technician to Trainer in July 1996, a position I created and documented.

Operating Systems and Software: UNIX software (pine mail, tin newsreader, and more), Windows 3.x, Windows95, MS Word, much Internet software of the time (Netscape, FreeAgent, Eudora)

Journal Graphics
New York, NY
Copy Editor / Proofreader/ Client Relations:
  • Proofread television and radio transcripts for style and accuracy, and used my phone and computer skills to help run a busy multi-media office, providing transcripts to such clients as ABC, CNN and others.
  • Edited in Xywrite, uploaded files to mainframe using DOS client, handled phones, did research for clients.
Borders Bookshop
Philadelphia, PA and
Marlton, NJ
  • Trained all new store employees and periodically assessed them.
  • Travelled to assist in opening new Borders stores around the country.
  • Wrote reports and helped with all facets of running a large successful bookstore, light accounting using Excel spreadsheets, assisted with publicity and author events.
  • Stocked and merchandised books, worked cash register, assisted customers. Promoted to above position in Nov. 1991
Freelance Work
and Additional Skills
  • Published Author: Have written several short novelty books for Running Press and Quirk Books.
  • Freelance Writer: Have published articles in a variety of periodicals, including Anodyne Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, CitySearch, Signum, and more.
  • Community Hosting: Am the host of featured conference at well.com, and a paid moderator and host for various other clients.
  • Playwright: My plays have been produced in New York and Philadelphia.
  • Member of the Portland, OR chapter of STC (Society for Technical Communication)
  • Have volunteered for various local organizations, including OPB and Portland Ombudsman's Office.
Education BA English 1990: Glassboro State College, NJ
(also attended Bard College, Annandale, NY 1988-89)

References and writing samples upon request.